Vol. 33. No. 1 March, 2016
                          Page No.

1. Determination of Steady State Solutions of Ground Water Levels in Anantapuramu District Through Markov Chain Model

–  Raju Sake and P. Mohammed Akhtar

2. Reporting Pattern of Age Data: A Study Based on Census Data for North-Eastern States of India

– Jatin Phukan, Krishnarjun Bora and Bipin Gogoi

3. Basic Statistics in Water Quality Assessment: A Review on Water Quality Index (WQI) Model

– Bhupen K Baruah, Bhanita Das, Manoranjan Kakati

4. Fuzzification of False Position Method and its Assessment

– Toralima Bora

5. Tea Production in Assam: Forecasting with ARIMA Model

– Sakuntala Deka, P.J. Hazarika and A. N. Patowary

6. Forecasting of Number of Road Accident in India using Box-Jenkins Time Series Model

– Bornali Dutta, Manash Pratim Barman and Arnab Narayan Patowary